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Published on October 27th, 2013 | by GTA Base


Possible GTAV North Yankton DLC Leaked

According to a user on Reddit, a modder from the GTAForums (see here) has found some snippets of data referencing a North Yankton DLC. Alongside a list of new weapons, radio stations, character/ped data and a few subtitles. Apparently it was left behind from the recent 1.04 update.

Below is what we know so far:

Radio Stations:

  • Deutsch Vorher 91.5
  • North Yankton PR
  • Homeland 82.3
  • Electric Drop 95.7
  • Strings Unleashed 82.9
  • Better Days FM
  • Yankton Entert
  • Northern Rock 56.1



  • Protagonists for the DLC include Michael, some guy named Rick, and Niko returns
  • Antagonist could be a man named Bruce
  • Gracie returns
  • Subtitles/conversations involving Roman – meaning the Revenge ending was canon
  • Gay Tony and Luis return – though, Luis is mentioned in the data as “Luis_corpse.”



  • Brass Knuckles
  • MP40 Submachine Gun
  • ACR Rifle
  • Carcano Rifle
  • Brick
  • Sixshoot (revolver?)
  • Escopeta (Escopeta shotgun?)
  • Chainsaw
  • Bear trap (explosive)
  • Heat seeking rocket launcher
  • Thompson submachine gun
  • M2 Browning
  • Red Dot (weapon attachment)



  • North Yankton has it’s own Snapmatic tag – but you can’t take pictures during the NY missions. This could mean a NY DLC isn’t that far fetched.
  • Michael brings Jimmy to North Yankton “to get away from that video game and teach him some real work.”
  • North Yankton is not an interior
  • Niko’s special is titled “depression.”
  • Niko could be on drugs, subtitle snippets are confusing, no mentions of who says what
  • North Yankton has multiple snowy weather data (i.e. snowy1, snowy2, foggy2 etc.)


It’s unknown whether or not this is true, but what is interesting is that this user found this 3 days ago… well 2 days ago Rockstar mentioned that they “will also have initial details on more additional content coming for both Story Mode and GTA Online in the next few weeks.

Could this new ‘Story Mode’ DLC be the above content? – As well as all this, some new coding was also found.


The coding above resembles a ‘Switch Scenario’. – A Switch Scenario is basically a cutscene for a character you’re switching to. For example, Michael throwing someone from a building as you switch to him.


What do you think? Would you like to see a North Yankton DLC featuring returning GTAIV characters, a new playable story, new weapons, vehicles, radio stations and more? – Let us know in the comments below or tweet us with your ideas and responses.

Remember, this is only ‘leaked’, nothing has been confirmed!

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  • Boop

    NO WAY!

    This is going to be awesome :D

  • b like birne

    But how we coming to luddendorf . And can we do heists

  • Joe

    I so hope this is true, sounds fucking awesome.

  • Abel No te Importa

    FUCK YEAH¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Gregor

    This is R*’s chance to bring all the RDR elements to GTA V that we were hoping would be in it from launch. Want nothing more than to be able to hunt bears then return to the (hopefully purchasable) log cabin owned by Michael. I know it’s not GTA’s style, but I fucking loved doing that shit in RDR, too damn cosy.

    • Lewis Palin

      Maybe even add horses in too? Ridable of course!

  • psyke

    This is clearly fake. The instigator of these rumours offers no solid proof beyond screenshots of .xml files opened in a text editor on Linux, that anyone can create in five minutes.

    He says that the files are extracted from the title update, but not once has he explained the method in which he downloaded the update data to his PC (keeping in mind that the Playstation 3′s game updates are not accessible over the internet, and the console’s drive filesystem is encrypted). He hasn’t shown even a screenshot of the original update data’s contents/filenames or anything of the sort.

    Nobody – not one person – has independently verified his claims or so much as seen the original game update from which he pretends to have “extracted” the files from. It’s ridiculous how many people are being fooled.

    • Lewis Palin

      Actually, if you have an RGH’d Xbox360, you can access all the files via your PC, just like you can launch games from your PC.

      • WrathChild

        Plus, game data from Xbox’s HDD is easy to get on the PC. RGH’d or not.

  • dav777

    Great, I think I just got spoiled by “luis_corpse”.. if the details are real of course. Perhaps a fair warning when reading the article?

    • Lewis Palin

      Anything could be behind that. Doesn’t necessarily mean he’s dead.

  • luis lopez

    if this happens i will have another reason that why i should not die

  • Trust_Me_Im_Not_A_Doctor

    It was confirmed a hoax from the guy who did it. But it is possible there could be a North Yankton DLC or Liberty City one.

  • Slayer

    I don’t know if its true or not, but if it is, it’ll be pretty cool to see what Niko and the other GTA characters have been doing since the past 5 years. Also I hope we see a CJ cameo or reference in the DLC. Or at least the setting taking place back at Liberty City.

  • Alejo Giannini

    mm i don’t like Michael on Episodes From Lunderdoff i like more Niko only and that guy called Rick (is just my idea)

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