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GTAV – Properties & Businesses

A lot of people are happy to know that the fan favourite feature from San Andreas has returned, yes, you can purchases property in GTAV, as well as businesses to earn that extra income. This feature was to not return at first, but soon after the delay of Grand Theft Auto V, it was announced to return, the fans rejoiced. If your not sure what the property and business buying feature is, we will quickly break it down for you.

You can spend $ that you have earned in the game to buy houses and business property around the city, some are cheap and small, some are big and cost a lot, some generate little income, some generate big income. Houses, otherwise known as Safe Houses are places you can save your game at, places you can call your own. For properties, this is a way to invest your money into something and reap the rewards over time, like in Vice City, you can buy into strip joints, ice cream depo’s, nightclubs and more, over time money will stack up and your $ count will rise as your businesses rakes in the money. Heres a list of currently confirmed buys, more will added to this page here if and when they are announced.

Real estate and Businesses 

  • Los Santos homes
  • Blaine County homes
  • Nightclubs
  • Garages
  • Marinas
  • Taxi firms
  • Heli pads

michaels crib

As you can see in the background of this picture here, we noticed ‘Los Santos Marina’. So this marina here is more than likely just one of the many business properties purchasable around town.

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