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Published on April 4th, 2014 | by GTA Base


UPDATED* Liberty City coming to GTA Online? Possible slip from DJ Whoo Kid interview

UPDATE: I reached out to DJ Whoo Kid in regards to this interview, and he has confirmed to me that the interview is legitimate, so there is some truth behind this, but as I said, it may not be exactly as said, and Whoo Kid could be referring to a content update for GTA Online that involves Liberty City.

In a second update, he also said “Think he took it the wrong way. Or I said it wrong. I always talk bs“. Which fit’s with what I previously said, in that there could have been a little misunderstanding.  

Take this lightly, but the location of the next GTA, or, possibly and much more likely, the city that will be making it’s way into Grand Theft Auto Online could have just recently slipped out in a recent interview from BallerStatus with DJ Whoo Kid. Whoo is a known and respected Hip Hop DJ, who has actually previously worked with Rockstar Games, two occasions here including the Max Payne Mixtape, and a few years before, the Grand Theft Auto Mixtape.


The second question that Baller Status ask Whoo Kid in their interview with him is “What video games were you in?”. in which Whoo Kid replies “I was in some Grand Theft Auto games. I‘m bout to be in the new Grand Theft Auto that takes place in New York again.”.

Now this could have just come out wrong, we all know how this happens at times, but in my opinion, Whoo Kid may have said what he was meant to say in the wrong way, possibly meaning that he is ‘going to be in the next Grand Theft Auto Online Content Add-on (DLC), which brings the map of Liberty City (GTA IV) as a place-to-go in GTA Online. Something that has been aired out previously, when Leslie Benzies, head of Rockstar North said to Game Informer as well as other gaming magazines including Kotaku, pre-GTAOnline release, he would like to create one big GTA world where it contains all of your favourite GTA city’s and enables you to fly to-and-from each one:

“A dream of ours is to create an entire Grand Theft Auto world that consists of everything we’ve done or are going to do then let the player freely move between them. The launch of Grand Theft Auto Online is a beginning for us; it gets us a little closer to being able to make that happen.” – Leslie Benzies R*N

Of course this could be completely false, but regardless, something as big as this is definitely possible with GTA Online as it continues to grow and expand. If you are a long-time player of GTA or even if you have just started playing recently, you can see just how vast the worlds are that Rockstar create in Grand Theft Auto, and the sheer scale of detail. So with Grand Theft Auto Online being their new take on GTA multiplayer, I’ll put word there that previous GTA cities will surely find there way into the world of GTA Online, and it’ll most likely start with Liberty City. 

You can check out the full interview with Baller Status here. I have reached out to Whoo Kid on the legitimacy of the interview, and will update here when/if I get a reply.  

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  • xGilbert97


    • theGTAbase

      Definitely is… Hope to hear back on the reach out soon, but regardless, it’s definitely something that is possibe!

  • Josh

    I can see it now, a few months down the line out of nowhere, Rockstar announces a GTA Online standalone for PS4, XB1 and PC with San Andreas, Liberty City and Vice City all accessible via flying from one location to the next from each location’s airport.

    • Thatguy

      No they didnt say that if im right and we dontvknow if gta comes to. Ps4 and xbobx1

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